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Business Operations
Software for HVAC

Fieldstone helps HVAC companies reduce stress and increases profit
by keeping pricing, customers, and work organized with our easy to use platform.

Is Operating your HVAC Business
Wearing You Down?

Not knowing your numbers, not being able to react to the market, and running a messy business
could be costing you a great deal.

Numbers a Mystery?

Are you clueless about what your profit is on your work and stressed by the mystery?

Unable to React?

Are you unable to adjust your pricing fast enough to keep pace with market changes and failing because of it?

Team in the Dark?

Is your team clueless when you make pricing changes causing them to get angry and you to lose profits?

Powerful and Easy to Use Features

Some of our competitors have very powerful features that are also very confusing. At Fieldstone, we build powerful features that are easy to understand, configure, and use.

Powerful Price Books

Mystery pricing is a thing of the past with Fieldstone price books. Fieldstone helps owners see and adjust pricing details for every item in their price books so they always know their numbers. It also helps technicians or sales staff to quickly and easily price jobs in the field.

Key Price Book Features

  • Multiple Books, Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Multiple Price Tier Options
  • Basic Starter Books for HVAC
  • Help Importing Your Existing Price Books
  • Drop Price Book Items Directly into Invoices
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Customers & Job Sites

Fieldstone offers a full customer and job sites database that includes full contact and job site information as well as associations between customers and job sites.

Customers & Job Sites Features

  • Retain address, phone, and E-mail for all customers
  • Track Job Site Owners, Managers and Tenants Separately
  • Maintain job site information separate from Customer Information
  • Quickly Search All Customers and Job Sites
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Job Tracking

Jobs get created in Fieldstone when your customers call in to report a problem or request a quote. The Job is always assigned to one of your company's employees as it moves through your work flow until it's complete.

Key Job Features

  • Specify Customer, Job Site, and Original Reason for the Call
  • Collect Signatures for Work Authorization, Technician Acknowledgement, Completed Work
  • Technician Completes Summary of Findings
  • Status Tracking: Open, Work Completed, Hold for Parts, Closed
  • Activity on Every Job is Logged
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Fieldstone works everywhere you do!

Whether in the office or in the field, whether in range or off the grid, the Fieldstone mobile apps are smart about syncing data when you are connected and degrading gracefully without losing core functionality when you are off grid. Fieldstone includes access to all features via web login and all technician features using mobile apps.

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 Android Coming Soon!

Easy to Get Started

To get up and running quickly, take these easy steps.
We're always here to help when you have questions, need assistance, or have ideas for making Fieldstone better.


Configure Your Account

Configure Fieldstone to fit your business. We will show you how and help if you need us.


Train Your Staff

Video training and live webinars help prepare your team to go live.


Go Live

Launch Fieldstone in your business and watch your organization become more efficient and more profitable with less stress.

We know you want to be the leader of a profitable and successful business!

At Fieldstone, we know that you want to be the leader of a profitable and successful business. In order to do that, you need to know your numbers and keep your team coordinated. When you don’t, you end up leaving thousands of dollars in profits on the table every year which makes you feel unsuccessful, average, and defeated. We believe keeping your business operating at peak efficiency and maximum profitability can be achieved with the help of our software. We understand that operating a field service business with so many moving parts can be frustrating and difficult to manage which is why we work closely with early adopters of our products to ensure they meet the highest operational standards and exceed every customers' expectations. When you choose to work with Fieldstone, we start you off with a free trial that lets you experience the software without risk for 30 days. This period gives us plenty of time to help you configure Fieldstone to fit your needs. Once Fieldstone is configured for your business, we build confidence in your team with video training resources they use to learn the features of Fieldstone. We also host live webinars where your team can join in to learn and ask questions. Once your team is trained, you go live. Sign up for a free trial to get started. We’re excited to see your success!

Plan Pricing

We offer simple pricing with no hidden fees or commitments. Plans are structured to help you gradually implement Fieldstone in your business.


  • Multiple Price Books
  • Activate/Deactivate Books
  • Duplicate a Book
  • Book Categories
  • Book Sub-Categories
  • Multiple Price Tiers per Book
  • Labor & Material Margins per Tier
  • Custom Margins per Item
  • 3 Percent-Based Pricing Adjustments Per Tier
  • Taxes & Fees per Tier
  • Quick Pricing Adjustments
  • Included Service Agreements Per Item
  • Disable Pricing per Tier or Item
  • iOS App for Quick Lookups
  • Available Now

    $69 per Active User Monthly
    $690 per Active User Yearly


  • All Starter Features
  • Customer Management
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Multiple Phone Numbers
  • Multiple Email Addresses
  • Job Site Management
  • Multiple Owners per Site
  • Multiple Managers per Site
  • Multiple Tenants per Site
  • Job Tracking
  • Assigned Technician
  • Job Status
  • Original Reason for Call
  • Summary of Findings
  • Custom Job Sign-Off Forms
  • Customer Work Authorization
  • Technician Acknowledgement
  • Customer Work Acceptance
  • Job Activity Tracking
  • Invoices
  • Price Book Items on Invoices
  • Manual Items on Invoices
  • Service Agreements on Invoices
  • Base vs. Adjustment Pricing
  • Show Customer Adjustment Savings
  • Coming Soon

An active user is one with use on Fieldstone within 14 days. Please see our Billing Policy for full details.


  • All Standard Features
  • Job Scheduling
  • Multiple Appointments per Job
  • Additional Features TBD
  • Coming Q2/Q3 2022
    Early Adopters
    on Cloud

Fieldstone is currently available to Early Adopters at no charge. In appreciation of their pre-launch participation, early adopters will enjoy a 20% discount on their subscription for as long as they keep their account in good standing.

No Hassle Break-Ups

You can leave Fieldstone at any time with no hassles. We don't force you to enter into contracts because we have a continuous obligation to ensure Fieldstone works great for every single customer.

“Quickly rising material costs and inflation were cutting into our profits on every job. We needed a way to quickly and easily update our pricing and share it with the whole team. Fieldstone makes this process a breeze, saving us time and making us more profitable.”

Clark B. - Owner and Operator

Blue Mountain Plumbing, Heating & Cooling