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measureQuick Integration


Connected to your bluetooth tools, connected to advanced diagnostics, connected to just-in-time education, connected to your benchmark, connected to the office, connected to your lead tech, with measureQuick HVAC you can have it solved right the first time before you would otherwise be ready to take your first measurement!

To find out more about measureQuick, please visit measureQuick.com.

The Fieldstone / measureQuick integration allows you to create measureQuick projects using Fieldstone Job data so you aren't slowed down by typing it into measureQuick manually. Once your measureQuick report is ready, you can then attach it back to the Job in Fieldstone.

Connect measureQuick

To activate the integration, you'll need both a Fieldstone and measureQuick account and you'll need to be logged in on both of them.

Once logged in on measureQuick, go to the Fieldstone page. Click on Company, Fieldstone. Then, click the button that says "Connect with Fieldstone".

You will be taken to Fieldstone where you'll be asked to grant measureQuick permission to your Fieldstone account. Click the "Authorize" button to continue.

Continue reading to learn about pairing measureQuick users with Fieldstone users.

Pair measureQuick Users

When creating a measureQuick project from a Fieldstone Job, you will be able to select an active Job assigned to you. In order to do this, measureQuick needs you to match users in your measureQuick account to the users in your Fieldstone account. If users have the same Email address, they will be matched automatically.

Once your measureQuick account is connected to your Fieldstone account, you can match your users on the Fieldstone page in measureQuick.

Create measureQuick Project

Once your measureQuick account is connected to your Fieldstone account and your users are paired, you will be able to create a measureQuick project in the measureQuick App from an active Fieldstone Job assigned to you. All data available in Fieldstone will be pre-filled in the measureQuick project.

Attach measureQuick Report to Job

After creating a project in measureQuick and preparing a report, you may want to send it back to Fieldstone. You may do this from the measureQuick app and the report will be attached to the Job in Fieldstone.